Shadow Crue Clan

Sup SC members & guests! it's revelation123 a.k.a GhastSilent and Sk8rboy (soon picture will come), founders and leaders of Shadow Crue.. Welcome to our official site people..

a little bout us, SC's:

we are a clan that are originally built only to play LORE:aftermath in, but now we're bigger! Not only LORE, now we are expanding to Legions, Zap!, ThinkTanks, Marble Blast, Ace of aces, RokkitBall, and Galcon. But hey, why only instantaction right? now we're open for players from Nanovor too! (airsoft clan will come soon! =D). We are created since the beginning of last year, around february 2008. so it's been awhile =). Here are the info of our clan's progress in tournaments, or friendly matches, new members, going up leadership scales, achievement (there will be achievement medal, or some sort), and so on. OH and hey! even though i'm the president of this clan, doesn't mean everything has to be formal right? XD haha so, welcome SC's and guests to our proud site!

Our Missions:

When Sk8 and I built this clan, we discuss bout our missions. We had experience listening how people in other clan do, what they think about other clan and newbies, how they talk and we think some stuff have to be change. Shadow Crue doesn't want to recruit only the best. We recruits newbies too!! we will help you, giving you suggestions, and so on! Being the best, but having a bad attitude will never be accepted to SC. =) sorry guys.. haha.. Of course being a clan, we want to dominate the games we're playing right? But dominating the game will come automatically when you start and humble yourself to realize that you're not the best in the game and humble yourself to help other people that's in need =).. this is our missions..

little rules in SC:

1. no behaving like jackasses o.O.. no talking bad to other people, being a psychopath and killing everyone, mocking them for being a noob. be nice... help them to become better. the better they are, the more interesting the game would be, right? =)

2. be supportive. if you lose, you lose. train and become better. being mad at losing isn't gonna change anything.

3. NO CURSING OTHER PLAYER!! (strict rules guys >=))

our clan ladder system:

1. Founder/President/Leader (revelation123 & sk8rboy)

2. Battle Master/ Generals/ Co-Leader (ability: suggest recruit, test suggested recruit, strain, choose their 3-5 lieutenants, and report to Leader)

3. Lieutenants (chosen by battle master, subtitute BM when they are not around in tournaments, report of people's behavior in our clan to BM)

4. Under-training

p.s. keep in mind guys that even though sk8rboy and I (revelation123) are the founder, doesn't mean we're the best and we're perfect! We're NOT! We won't be toooooooo bossy and all that crap you guys hate about higher authority.. chill out and relax! =D we are training ourselves with you too!

so that's all for now guys.. can't wait to see you guys in game.. cheers ya'll!

Best Regards,

Revelation123 a.k.a GhastSilent and Sk8rboy

Leaders and founders of the Shadow Crue Clan

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